Blockchain for Global Health Financing

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Blockchain for Global Health Financing
by UBRICA ONE - Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 9:08 AM

UBRICA creates a blockchain to be the fundamental answer to global health. Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency built on Etherium blockchain. Ubricoin a peer-to-peer Internet currency that will enable payment to anyone in the world to facilitate global health. We will use the coin to support, design development and implementation of Ubrica project. Ubrica project involves building capability for high quality life-science and health-production (LSHP) in Africa. The physical project is housed in Kenya. The project will create in Kenya a node for a highly advance biomedical research and development and highest quality health care services. The project will ensure sufficient funding for discovery of solutions to most vexing health problems in the world emerging from the African continent.



We are a life-science and health production (LSHP) organization. We sponsor investments in life science, comprising pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturing, and fully integrated health production by building sustainable one-health communities involving people co-operating in a retail network combined with health delivery system. In addition, we sponsor investments in specialized real estate for life science and health production. Our primary focus is African countries.

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