Private Sector and Knowledge Conversion in Biomedicine in the World

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Private Sector and Knowledge Conversion in Biomedicine in the World
by Ivyonne Kimani - Monday, 7 May 2018, 4:45 AM
Private health care sector has historically played an important role in health services delivery in developing countries. The absence of a well-organized health insurance system and ambivalence in health care financing, however, limit the growth of the private health care. In recent years, several developing countries have rapidly re-emerged from grinding poverty, and business is springing back. The national leadership is supportive of the private health care enterprise, encouraging private investment in health care and medical facilities. The general problem is that health systems in developing countries, suffering long-term neglect and lack of investment, is indeed inadequate, with high rate of infection in hospitals and limited medical equipment.

 Investment in world-class Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City will help to overcome the problem of global health. Specifically, Ubrica One will be the beacon of hope for biomedical discovery and a source of excellence in bio-scientific publications. In addition, Ubrica One will lead to a new horizon of translational medicine, medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturing for global health.


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