Ubrica's Science and Technology Parks

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Ubrica's Science and Technology Parks
by Ivyonne Kimani - Monday, 28 May 2018, 7:27 AM

 By Fridah:

Science and Technology parks with regard to utility tokens

A utility token is a token issued in order to finance development of a company/organization. Ubrica proposes to build science and technology parks for translation and commercialization of science in Africa. Use cases for utility tokens in science and technology parks

In relation to science and technology parks, people who purchase the Ubrica utility tokens will gain access to products produced by innovators and researchers in the parks.

The sale of utility tokens will enable Ubrica to acquire funds. Money gotten from the sale of the tokens will be used to purchase necessary equipment for the science and technology parks which will thereafter be used for production of the product.

As an added advantage, holders of the token will be able to purchase products directly from the parks at a much lower price as compared to people who do not have the tokens and purchase goods directly from the market.

The tokens also inspire loyalty among buyers in the sense that they will purchase the product because they hold a token which allow the buyers to get them at low prices.

Utility tokens also offers the producer a ready market for their goods because people who bought the utility tokens will be drawn to buy their products due to discounted prices. This will also ensure that there is a steady market for the goods.

Soko janja also plays a key role in the development of the parks because goods produced in the parks will be sold on soko janja. Token holders who purchase the goods on soko janja will get rewards. Other buyers who will not have purchased the token will still receive rewards for the use of ubricoin and trading in soko janja

In the event that all the ubricoins have been sold out and the demand is still high, token holders may be able to sell their tokens to other buyers. This gives the initial buyers of the token an advantage such that they can be able to sell their tokens at a higher price than they bought it and thus making profits.