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by Ivyonne Kimani - Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 3:25 AM

Ubrica soul searching epiphany journey, a quest for universal health, is back. This journey involves reflecting on our lives to collectively discover and bring profound understanding (breakthroughs) on universal health. Epiphany is a moment when you suddenly know you understand something or become conscious of something that is very important to your life. Epiphanies do not come from the mind. They come from the soul with the goal of moving from knowledge (information) to understanding (awareness).

During our last climb-a-thon at Ngong hills we managed to get some answers on global health. We will achieve universal health by paying the right price for the things that women produce, and for services provided by women. We shall not achieve global health if we continue to exploit women by paying very low prices for the products of their labor. Many women die during pregnancy because they do not have money to buy things that would help them improve the strength of their body, or money to go to the clinic for checkup. Middlemen and brokers who buy goods produced by women at dirt cheap prices exploit them, ultimately driving them to extreme poverty. We will change all this by making sure that every woman is paid the right price for her work. We will change all this by helping women have direct access to the market through our online market store known as soko janja. Here they can sell their products directly without brokers and middlemen.

We will be going back to Ngong hills next month (28/7/2018) in search of more answers on how to improve the health of mothers and children. No woman should die trying to create life and every child should be given a chance to live. According to research by world health organization, 830 women die every day worldwide, just because they are pregnant. 99% of all women who die during pregnancy reside in developing countries. Ubrica aims at creating awareness to solve this problem.


Quest for Universal Health

Our quest involves an African mountains climb-a-thon. The climb-a-thon will bring people from all over the nation and the world.  Together will seek to understand universal health, and seek answers on what it will take to achieve it.


  • Our health system is broken and does no work
  • Our people die from diseases that others have known how to cure for centuries
  • Our women die just because they get pregnant
  • Children die just because they are born
  • Our hospitals do not have supplies
  • Our medical professionals are frustrated
  • Our nurses and our doctors are in recurrent strikes. As soon as one group is done the other one picks up the strike

These problems indicate that

  • We do not know health
  • We do not produce health
  • We do not make health
  • We do not have health

Therefore, we cannot provide health, for no one can provide something s/he doesn’t have not have.


What is health?

  • How do we produce it?
  • How do we make it?
  • How do we have it?
  • How do we provide it?


To find answers to the question we have to go on a collective soul searching journey to seek the answers together, collectively as a nation.

We must gain insight into the five levels of universal health:

  • individual health,
  • family health,
  • community health,
  • nation health, and
  • global health.

We embark on an epiphany journey which will involve climbing a mountain a month for until we find the answer to the question. Together we get to understand universal health.