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by UBRICA ONE - Friday, 1 February 2019, 12:57 AM

Ubrica has taken the initiative to bring about an effective way of improving the quality of healthcare in the community. This will be propelled by introduction of the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs).

The URCCs are commercial and health centers that will have their basis in the villages. There will be two units in each county with larger counties having a little bit more. The total number of units is set to be 100.

The URCCs are aimed at building a community that is well versed in matters concerning their personal healthcare and benefits of leading a healthy life. This will be achieved by introduction of a reward system whereby incentives will be given to people who practice healthy living in terms of eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise and going for regular checkups.

The URCCs are centers that will be built by Ubrica and will contain;

  1. Workshops.
  2. Retail centers.
  3. Clinical centers.


These are areas within the unit that will improve the quality of produce and add value to the locally produced goods. They will have features such as processing plants and assembling grounds among others for processing and packaging of the local products. Not only does this improve their quality; it also ensures proper storage of food products which will be kept free from contaminants.

Retail Centers

These work as display centers where people come to buy from the retailers. The products from the workshops are taken here so that the people coming to buy can easily access them. Also, photos of the products displayed here can be taken and put on the online retail store known as Soko Janja to maximize their market thus attracting more buyers.

Clinical Centers

Due to adequate funds raised from the sale of products, people will be able to pay for their medical services. The facility will have the clinical centers which offer quality healthcare. This service will ensure improvement of living standards and ultimately lead to a healthy nation.

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Barbara Kimani.