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by UBRICA ONE - Friday, 1 February 2019, 1:06 AM

What is ubricoin?

Ubricoin is a decentralized application( DApp) built on Ethereum protocol. It is a peer-to-peer utility token that will give incentives to anyone in the world to facilitate production of health.

Why Ubricoin?

1. Ubricoin will act as a store of value, it will uprise in value just as common stocks do. In this way, Ubricoin can be regarded as an investment instrument. We have seen other cryptocurrencies rising in value tremendously. This instrinsic power for crypto-currency increasing in value (such as what occurred with bitcoin), gives them characteristics of precious metal, such as gold. As you know the price of gold changes with time.

2. People with shares can access the ubrica ecosystem  comprising:

Soko Janja

Ubrica retail clinical centers

Science and technological parks

Biomedical industrial city

3. Ubricoin comes with inbuilt  incentive program for excellence. People will receive rewards/loyalty points for doing good.

4. People who shop on Soko Janja will receive rewards in that: if you buy something that is locally produced on soko janja you will be given loyalty points which can be converted to cash as well as buy things at a discount price.

How ubricoin is doing in the market

Ubricoin is doing just great.  UBN will be a starndard currency for medical services, research and development, innovation, translation and commercialization of knowlegde. Medical doctors and university lecturers are excited to learn about UBNs and to receive it as payment for their services.

Medical services

All doctors who are members Kenya Medical Association (KMA) are eligible to receive 500 UBN to facilitate learning how to work with digital currencies. This knowledge includes creating digital wallets, protecting the wallets with seed phrase, private key and passwords. They will also learn how to use their wallets to send or receive money.

Research and development

The research and development (R&D) targets university students and their lecturers/professors. This population is excited  that for the first time in the history of Kenya there will be currency (money) to support their work in research and development.

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