Ubrica Pharma to Launch Bio-equivalence Lab in Kenya

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Ubrica Pharma to Launch Bio-equivalence Lab in Kenya
by UBRICA ONE - Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 9:16 PM

UBRICA Pharma (UP), headed by  Harriet Kamendi, Ph.D., is the the pharmaceutical branch of UBRICA.  UP is in advanced stages of discussions with Kenyatta University (KU) to launch a bio-equivalence laboratory in Kenya in 2016. UBRICA executive team in Nairobi, led by Lawrence Mungai arrived at a firm understanding Monday, September 21, 2015 with KU executive team led by Prof. Gravenir, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at Kenyatta University.

UBRICA Bioequivalence Laboratory will occupy a niche market in the pharmaceutical industry in Kenya, helping the unmet need of determining pharmaceutical testing, and laying ground for pharmaceutical research and development in Kenya. UBRICA proposes an industry-university collaboration in implementation of the bioequivalence lab, with UBRICA as the industrial partner, and Kenyatta University as the university partner.  In this partnership, UBRICA will provide all the biomedical equipment required to run a world-class bio-equivalence lab; Kenyatta University will provide laboratory space in its Campus on Thika Highway.

The proposed partnership will immensely benefit both UBRICA and Kenyatta University, as the two organizations join forces to transform pharmaceutical landscape in Africa, and provide needed pharmaceutical services to people living in Africa. The partnership will open major opportunities for exploration of knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, creating tremendous learning opportunities for faculty and students at Kenyatta University, and Kenya in general. Furthermore, the partnership will facilitate availability of high quality, but inexpensive pharmaceutical products in Africa, transforming Kenyatta University into the most innovative organization in life sciences and health care in the continent.

This partnership is in complete alignment of Kenyatta University’s commitment to world class quality in innovation in education, exploration, research and development of cutting edge technologies, and provision of health care of the best quality, that is also affordable, and accessible to the people of Kenya. The section that follows contains a brief explanation of UBRICA bio-equivalence team.