Real Estate Goals for UBRICA ONE

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Real Estate Goals for UBRICA ONE
by UBRICA ONE - Thursday, 24 September 2015, 2:02 PM

UBRICA ONE is fundamentally a real estate project with the following goals:

a)     Provide diverse and mixed land uses and housing options

·       World class medical campus (hospitals + local clinics + mobile health units)

o   A transit center (5 minute walking/biking)

o   5 hospitals (100-200 beds in separate buildings)

§  Ubrica General Hospital

§  Ubrica Mother and Children’s Hospital

§  Ubrica Heart Center

§  Ubrica Cancer Hospital

§  Ubrica Eye and Ear Hospital 

o   Mixed use retail medical clinics

o   Hotels and other visitors’ accommodations

o   Health-related specialty shopping destinations

o   Medical university (may not require a lot of extra spaces)

o   University satellite campus

§  University of Nairobi campus

§  Kenyatta University campus

§  Texas A&M University campus

o   Student housing

o   Retails and services (vertical mix with housing)

·       Cutting edge research district

o   A transit center (5 minute walking/biking)

o   State-of-the-art laboratory buildings

o   A corporate incubator

o   Research facilities

§  A biomedical research unit

§  A tissue repository

§  A biostatistics unit

§  A clinical trials unit

o   Clinical research centers

§  Molecular biology and human genetics research center

§  Microbiology and immunology research center

§  Investigational medicine research center

§  Medical pharmaceutics research center

§  Oncology and onco-biology research center

§  Radiology research center

§  Health services research center

§  Health systems and design research center

o   Educational programs/spaces

·       High powered industrial district for manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, hospital supplies: translate Kenya into an industrial nation (multiple small districts according to the types incorporating into other areas)

o    A transit center (5 minute walking/biking)

o   “A global epicenter of technological innovation with a full range of R&D companies”

o   “Home to multi-national corporations, university spin-offs and start-up businesses in pioneering industries, including biotechnology, information technology, and clean technologies”

o   “A diversified group of businesses such as financing organizations, venture capital firms, legal services, accounting firms, banking organizations, and other service providers”

o   Light industrial park (food)

·       Residential district

o   A transit center (5 minute walking/biking)

o   Diverse and mixed-income housing options for doctors, staffs, visitors, students, etc.

§  Mixed densities: high density, medium density, and low density

§  Mixed income

§  Mixed tribe groups

§  Mixed types: apartments, plexes (e.g. duplex, fourplex, etc.), and single and multi-family houses

o   Entertainment centers

§  Theaters

§  Cinema

§  Museum/exhibition center

o   Retails and services

§  Restaurants

§  Pubs/bars

§  Gift shops

§  Massage therapy

§  Salons

§  Banks

§  Specialty shops

§  Pharmacies

§  Post offices

§  Convenient stores

§  Beauty shops

§  DVD rentals

§  Day care center

§  Tailor shops

o   Hospitality centers

§  Resorts

§  Hotels

§  Museum/exhibition center

o   Education and community services

§  Community centers

§  Job training center

§  Day care

§  Kindergartens

§  Elementary schools

§  High schools

§  Library/E-library

o   Artisan village

·       Recreational district

o   A transit center (5 minute walking/biking)

o   Parks/open spaces

o   Sport complex

o   Gyms

o   Mini golf course