Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers. Frequently Asked Questions

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Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers. Frequently Asked Questions
by UBRICA ONE - Monday, 1 February 2016, 4:54 AM

How much does it cost to purchase a URCC franchise?

The cost of a URCCs franchise varies depending on the clinical center’s size and location, along with other factors. Financial requirements may be lower or higher depending on the transaction type. 

What is the franchise fee for a 20-year Franchise Agreement term?

The franchise fee is U.S. $20,000, and it is due before the URCC opens for business. 

What does the $20,000 franchise fee cover?

The franchise fee covers training for you and your members of staff. In addition, the training covers the work of setting-up the installation of the franchise. The fee does not cover purchase of the land and building. Ubrica will help you arrange financing for land, building and equipment. 

What types of qualifications does Ubrica Health Services seek in a franchise candidate?

For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that every Franchisee possesses the necessary skills, commitment level, dedication, work ethic, character and strong people skills. There are a number of qualifications we look for in an applicant such as:

  • You must be a member of Ubrica Co-operative Society to apply for franchise.
  • You must be a share-holder of Ubrica.
  • You must qualify for financing.
  • You must have strong communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • You must have keen understanding on how to recruit, train and manage staff.
  • You must have solid business acumen.
Who can be a Franchisee Partner?

A URCC is an intensive project that requires you to have partners to run a successful franchise. Ubrica franchise agreements are typically 10 years in length with an option to renew for an additional 10 years. We will help you evaluate each potential partner, keeping in mind the length of the partnership. Our goal is to ensure we have the best franchisees in our clinical centers. We recommend that you give careful consideration your potential partner or partners to run the franchise .We evaluate criteria in any partnership such as: time you have known one another, previous business experience together, proven experience working in a non-business setting, and other factors.

Once I meet the criteria, what is the wait period for a franchise and how do I know what number I am on the list?

We do not rank applicants in order in which they apply. Therefore, we are unable to quote timeframes or guarantee a candidate that they will ultimately be chosen for an interview and/or approved for a franchise. When we have an opportunity for a new franchisee, all applicants who have identified that particular area as a location preference, will be considered. The most qualified applicants will be contacted for the first interview. Consideration is not based on the length of time that your application has been on file.

In addition to the initial investment of a URCC franchise, what on-going payments am I required to make during the term of the License?

On-going payments include:

  • a weekly Royalty fee of 6% of gross sales for the term of the License;
  • a monthly Advertising levy of 4% of gross sales for the term of the License. 
What is the term of the License Agreement?

The term of the License Agreement is 20 years.

What if I am interested in an International franchise outside of Kenya?

If you would like to submit your interest, please submit a pre-qualification questionnaire. We will evaluate your request based on your ability to qualify for financing. 

How secure is my personal information?

We keep all information confidential within the Franchise Department of Ubrica Health Services. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.

I have a Real Estate Site I wish to bring forward, will you consider it?

Yes, we will evaluate your real estate, after which we will consider if is a suitable for franchise.

 How will I learn how to manage a URCC franchise?

Ubrica will provide initial and continuous training in how to run your franchise effectively. Training will be available online at www.ubrica.com website to allow you to participate remotely. In addition, Ubrica Health Services will provide location specific training for you, your partner(s) and members of your staff.

I do not have management skills but I would like to run a franchise. Where will I learn how to manage my franchise?

Be at ease! Ubrica Health Services will provide you with management training, so that you can run your franchise effectively. In addition, Ubrica Health Services will take care of administrative work so that you can focus on the technical work of finding providing good service to the customers of your franchise.

How will I connect with suppliers?

Ubrica Health Services will organize the supply chain and other administrative aspects of the business. This will remove the work of dealing with suppliers from your hands to allow you all the time you need to provide an excellent service to the people visiting your franchise.

How will I maintain quality in my franchise? How will I know that I am providing a service of the best quality possible?

Ubrica Health Services will help you define and implement quality standard. In addition, Ubrica Health Services will teach you how to recognize good quality so that you can improve on it, and bad quality so that you can remove it from the operations of your franchise. Our quality experts will work with you regularly to make sure that your franchise is continually meets all the quality standards.

How will I advertise or market my business?

Ubrica Health Services is responsible for all marketing and advertisement. We will make sure that your target market is fully aware of your center.