UBRICA ONE | TAMU Master Planning Team | Expert Meeting With Dr. Rosina (Tammi) C Krecek

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UBRICA ONE | TAMU Master Planning Team | Expert Meeting With Dr. Rosina (Tammi) C Krecek
by UBRICA ONE - Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 9:53 AM

TIME: 4-5pm, Wednesday, October 21, 2015 

LOCATION: Veterinary Medicine Administration Building, Office of Development Conference Room, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 

ATTENDEES: Macharia Waruingi (CEO, UBRICA); Chanam Lee, Forster Ndubisi, Sinan Zhong, Di Yang, Sungmin Lee, Tianchi Shen, and Dingding Ren (LAUP, TAMU); Zhipeng Lu (ARCH, TAMU) 


4:00-4:10pm: Introduction [All] 

4:10-4:15pm: UBRICA overview [Dr. Macharia

4:15-4:20pm: UBRICA ONE master plan overview - PPT [Dr. Lee] 

4:20-4:25pm: Introduction to TAMU One Health & Veterinary Medicine 

[Dr. Krecek] 

4:25-5:00pm: Discussions: 

 Spatial/planning considerations for human and animal health 

 Relevant research and best practice examples 

 Other implications and considerations for UBRICA 

 Potential areas of collaboration 

The goal of UBRICA ONE biomedical industrial city, located on a 4,000-acre property in the Rift Valley of Kenya, is to promote a self-sustaining One Health Community anchored by world-class health care services and high-tech research and development centers with cutting edge technologies in biomedicine. The master plan of the City is developed under the four main overarching guiding principles: (1) healthy living for all - HUMAN, (2) biological diversity and ecological integrity - ANIMAL, (3) sustainable and low-impact development - ENVIRONMENT, (3) economic and cultural development - ECONOMY