Ubrica One Retail Clinical Centers: County Level Engagement

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Ubrica One Retail Clinical Centers: County Level Engagement
by UBRICA ONE - Sunday, 31 January 2016, 12:41 AM

Dear Fellow Ubrican,
We are delighted to report that design and development of Ubrica One Retail Clinical Centers is well under way and moving very fast.  Profs. George Mann, Chanam Lee and Zhipeng Lu at Texas A&M University assembled 52 architecture learners ("Ubrica One Learners")  to design Ubrica One Retail Clinical Centers for Kenya. All the 52 Ubrica One Learners are working together in the same studio. We call it Ubrica One studio. It is really powerful.
Each Ubrica One Learner picked a county in Kenya by simple random selection technique. Thus, 47 Ubrica One Learners selected the 47 counties. We divided the remaining five Ubrica One Learners to either work for Nairobi county or Ubrica One at Suswa.
Each Ubrica One Learner is working with his or her county government in Kenya to develop a complete project. Each has to connect with county government leaders, including the governor, the minister of health, the minister of industrial development, minister of co-operative development, the speaker of the house, etc.  Each learner has written to their respective county leaders in Kenya informing them that they will be receiving weekly updates about the project. Each will invite the county government leaders to come to Texas A&M to receive the designs during our hand-over ceremony in the April conference.
This procedure has helped us to connect with all counties; at least from county leadership level. We assume that if all the county level leaders know about Ubrica One's goals and objectives, and if all the county level leaders are speaking about Ubrica event in April, all the county constituents living in United States will know about Ubrica One's intent to transform the health production and health care landscapes in the Kenya.
We are extremely blessed to have this level of support from A&M University. People at A&M are very supportive and eager to do their best for their respective counties. They are going out of their way to make sure that the county governments are thoroughly aware of this important work. 
God bless!!
Ubrica One Design Development and Implementation Team