Master Plan Mission Statement and Spatial Program

The mission of the all-inclusive master planned development
of the UBRICA ONE biomedical industrial city is to promote a self-sustaining
One Health Community anchored by world-class health care services and high-tech
research and development centers with cutting edge technologies in biomedicine
on a 4,000-acre property in the Rift Valley of Kenya. 

The plan will propose optimal spatial arrangements of diverse land uses including (1) a medical campus with five ultramodern academic specialty medical centers, (2) a research center for advanced science in biomedicine, (3) a biomedical industrial park for the high-powered biotechnology in biomedical translation and innovation, (4) a residential community with diverse and mixed housing options and a Metro Center for high-density mixed-use development, and (5) a recreational district with a state-of-the-art sports complex supported by multimodal transportation systems and extensive green infrastructure, and responding to the local history, culture, and landscape.

The master plan of the City will be developed under the four main overarching guiding principles: (1) healthy living for all – HUMAN; (2) biological diversity and ecological integrity – ANIMAL; (3) sustainable and low-impact development – ENVIRONMENT; (4) economic and cultural development – ECONOMY.

UBRICA ONE is planned and designed to meet the full range of healthcare needs, including curative and preventive cares, of those residing and working in the Medical City as well as those visiting the Medical City for medical tourism and other purposes. The long-term goal of the UBRICA ONE is to enhance one health of human, animal, environment, and economy.

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