We are a life science and health care company (LSHC). We sponsor investments in life science comprising pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and health care comprising clinics and hospitals in the frontier market. In addition, we sponsor investments in specialized real estate for life science and health care. Our primary focus is African countries with Kenya as a starting point.


We invest in building Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHCs), designed to overcome the grand challenge of global health. Our sustainable model for global health recognizes the role of the animals, the economy and the environment in human health. Indeed, we believe that sustainable health production in global health is a function of a system that integrates simultaneous operation of human health, animal health, environmental health and economic health. The four modes of production of health (i.e., production of health of humans, production of health of animals, production of health of the environment, and production of health of the economy) must work together, jointly and simultaneously as one entity. Our SOHCs are rooted in the conception that economic development is the most powerful means of health production, by integrating the production of human health, animal health and environmental health. At the root of economic health production is industrial development in life science, to support sustainable research, education, translation and commercialization of innovations in health. This aspect proposes implementation of a biomedical industrial city.


We sponsor our investment programs through three distinct business units


To become the leading company in building high quality life-science and health-care (LSHC) capability in Africa.


The mission of UBRICA is to organize investments in high quality human resources, materials and technologies for developing world-class LSHC in Africa.


The purpose of UBRICA is to invest in places for building clinics and hospitals, and for manufacture of medicines, medical devices, and medical/health supplies in Africa.


Ubrica intends to invest in LSHC in three distinct ways:

  • Ubrica One Health Services comprising
        • Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers designed as grocery stores with clinical medical capability, distributed by franchising, and all tied by an information network.
        • Ubrica Hospitals designed for emergency, and inpatient care services.
  • Ubrica One Pharma comprising
        • Ubrica Bioequivalence Laboratory implemented as joint venture with Kenyatta University, Kenya
        • Ubrica generic medicines manufacturing division implemented as joint venture with Kenyatta University, Kenya
        • Ubrica pharmaceutical R&D division implemented as joint venture with Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • Ubrica One at Suswa, a master-planned all-inclusive development with multiple land uses built on 4,330-acre site in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. Components of Ubrica One include:
        • Academic medical district
        • Research district
        • Residential district
        • Industrial district 

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