Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of AfricaA life science and health production organization

ustawi biomedical research innovation and industrial centers of africa

Ubrica is a global health project that combines two theories (One-health theory and triple bottom line theory) to create a model for sustainable one health. In the model, to produce sustainable one health we look at ways to take care of human health, animal health, environmental health and economic health. For each of the four element we offer a solution through Ubrica project. The first step is to create Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHC) who will be in-charge of creating economic health. Economic health then becomes the driver of the other three elements of health, that is human health, animal health and environmental health.



Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (urccs)

Widely distributed clinical facilities integrated with retail centers and produce processing workshops to improve health access

University Science and Technology Parks (ustps)

Science and technology parks (STPs) adjacent to all universities in Kenya to improve quality of medical services

Biomedical Industrial City (bmic)

BMIC in Kenya to support education and manufacturing of a full range of medical devices and all products used in health system.

Our Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHCs) are rooted in the conception that economic development is the most powerful means of health production. Economic development is the greatest cause of improvement in health.  Economic health, the 4th element of health production, is the primary driver of sustainable one-health in any community in the world.


Logical reasoning indicates that the fundamental solution to health production problem lies in a system that improves the economy of each individual. In line with this logic, we have created Project with three pillars to ensure improvement of local economy, quality of services and a low cost and provide both physical and realized health services.


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