About us

About US


To become the leading company in building high quality life-science and health-production(LSHP) capability in Africa.


To organize investments in high quality human resources, materials and technologies for developing world-class LSHP in Africa.

Ubrica functional structure


You cannot improve the health of a poor person without improving their economic health


Improving the physical health of everyone through providing physical and realized access to health


‚ÄčImproving the spiritual health of everyone by ensuring accessible, affordable, quality and sustainable health to everyone in the world.


ubrica value preposition

Ubrica Project is an information system for creating wealth, wellness and wellbeing out of knowledge. Increasing the selling power of local manufacturers through Soko Janja, an online retail store that is powered by Ubricoin.

Sustainable one health

sustainable one health

Ubrica is a global health project that combines two theories (One-health theory and triple bottom line theory) to create a model for sustainable one health. In the model, to produce sustainable one health we look at ways to take care of human health, animal health, environmental health and economic health.

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