During the question and answer session organized by the Africa Blockchain Developers call questions arose about the likelihood of adoption in the continent of Africa from the technical standpoint and from the government. Dr. Macharia Waruingi of Ubrica explained that although the government of Kenya… Read More »INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN AFRICA FOR PROMOTING BLOCKCHAIN ADOPTION

Origin of Ubrica

The idea of UBRICA came into occurrence way back in the 1980’s provoked by the implementation of Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) by the World Bank, that instituted austerity economic measures in all third world governments. All African member country governments of the World Bank were… Read More »Origin of Ubrica

soko janja

We know that a person becomes poor when he or she is unable to exchange his goods or services for currency. When a person cannot find market for his or her products, services or farm produce, he or she ends up being poor. The only… Read More »soko janja

Ubrica project

UBRICA PROJECT QUIDED BY THEORY U: The Ubrica Logo Ubrica project is guided by the Theory U (Scharmer, 2007). According to Schammer, there is always a chasm between the current reality and the emerging self, the future of a project or the realized project. The… Read More »Ubrica project


Ubricoin is a digital currency built on blockchain technology to facilitate universal health by creating wealth, wellness, and wellbeing (the 3 Ws) Why invest in Ubricoin Ubricoin has tremendous room for growth for early investors Ubricoin can be used as a means of exchange and as a commodity… Read More »ubricoin