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Ubrica project is guided by the Theory U (Scharmer, 2007). According to Schammer, there is always a chasm between the current reality and the emerging self, the future of a project or the realized project. The journey of connecting the current reality with the future of the project is the essence of Theory U. The Ubrica project had to go through shift of social fields to cross the health chasm. Through the shift of social fields, the Ubrica Project was able to activate deeper levels of awareness of decentralized architecture for health administration. The theory U describes the path that has helped the Ubrica project to cross the chasm toward a new decentralized architecture of health administration.

Ubrica Project (Downloading the past patterns)

Ubrica project was started back in 2014. From the inception of the Ubrica project, we worked on the assumption that people would afford to patronize Ubrica project, that is consume health at Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs), participate in research at the University Science and Technology Parks (uSTPs) and the economy at the Biomedical Industrial Center (BMIC), by the centralized top-down model of financing.

Actions in health administration relied on a centralized architecture of health administration with a top-down vertical model of health financing. Interventions by centralized top-down vertical architecture produced recurrent fixes that fail archetypes that forced the central organization to take over the job of the local people to produce health by themselves. Recurrent fixes-that-fail occasioned the central organization to usurp the role of health production from the local people eventually shifting the work of producing health to themselves. The consequence of shifting-the-burden was atrophy of knowledge about health among the local people. This lead to worsening of disease conditions over time.

Seeing with fresh eyes

In view of these problems, we had to look at global health with fresh eyes, open mind and a vintage that would allow emergence of new architecture for global health administration. The new architecture would produce universal health: health for all, health in all, and health by all. We had to redirect after realizing a project aimed at achieving universal health should take care of everyone. During the process of redirecting, we discovered that majority of people could not afford to pay for the health services. Universal health means that everyone should have sufficient money to pay for the most basic health service. It costs money to receive health services. Health for all implies that everyone has universal basic income to health to meet basic financial needs. Millions of people in Kenya do not have access to any finance. Approximately 80% are unbanked, and extra-legal (e.g., see De Soto,2002).

SOKO JANJA (Redirecting)

It occurred to us that the fundamental solution to this problem is creation of an online peer-to-peer market place that cuts out all cartels and their attendant brokers. In a peer-to-peer market anyone can sell their products and/or services directly without intermediary. We created Soko Janja to serve this purpose.

Presencing, connecting to the source

At this juncture, August 2019, it is time for all the three project to walk in tandem towards a realized Ubrica Project.  We are at an inflection point where according to Schammer (2007), is the dark night of the soul, the presencing stage in the theory U where we connect to the source. Now that UBN is working, we then connect back with Soko Janja and the Ubrica Project. At the Inflection point the three projects: UBN, Soko Janja and the Ubrica Project work together in tandem towards the realized Ubrica project. We are now moving to the crystalizing vision and intention stage of the Ubrica Project a stage where we have to enact to allow the development of prototypes by linking Ubricoin, Soko Janja and the Ubrica real estate projects.

After crossing the chasm and moving to the other side of the U, we will have the realized Ubrica project operating from the whole.

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