Ubricoin is a digital currency built on blockchain technology to facilitate universal health by creating wealth, wellness, and wellbeing (the 3 Ws)

Why invest in Ubricoin

  1. Ubricoin has tremendous room for growth for early investors
  2. Ubricoin can be used as a means of exchange and as a commodity (like gold) for the store of value
  3. Ubricoin can be traded in the exchanges for profit
  4. Ubricoin is safe, inexpensive to transact, and fast when transacting. No middlemen or waiting time for transfer
  5. You can buy, hold, and wait for the price to go up and sell later. Suitable for long term investors
  6. Ubricoin support a project aimed to facilitate universal health and ultimately global health
  7. There is potential for growth and great opportunities for investment in health, especially in the developing world.


Ubricoin for Wealth Wellness and Wellbeing

Ubricoin is a digital currency built on blockchain technology to facilitate universal health by creating wealth, wellness, and wellbeing (the 3 Ws). The 3 Ws for Ubricoin involves breaking the vicious cycle of illness. When you do not have the money you cannot afford nutritious food, you live in an environment that predisposes you to diseases and ultimately you cannot afford medical services. Wellness and wellbeing involve eating nutritious food to improve immunity, living in a healthy environment, and having money for medical checkups and healthcare. There is more to health than what we call sick-care health. You cannot improve the health of a poor person without improving their pocket. You cannot achieve wellness and wellbeing without money.

Advantages of Ubricoin over fiat currencies

Cryptocurrencies have opened massive opportunities for investment. Ubricoin was launched in December 2018, the price has grown tremendously in two years. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have reached their all-time high Ubricoin still has potential for growth especially for early investors. Fiat currency doesn’t allow one to invest in it, fiat currency only acts as a currency. Ubricoin on the other hand acts as both a currency and a commodity such as gold. It acts as a currency when you pay for goods and services in exchange for Ubricoin. It acts as a commodity when you buy, hold, and wait for its price to go up.

Just like any other precious commodity Ubricoin can be traded in the market for profit. Trading is well known when it comes to stocks but you cannot use a stock to buy goods and services. The potential of Ubricoin to be traded like a stock and to purchase goods and services makes it very powerful.

Ubricoin eliminates the middlemen. It provides financial inclusion since there is no need for a bank or an organization to facilitate the trade. All you need is an address of the person you transacting with and within five minutes the other person receives the money. Ubricoin transactions are fast, very safe, and cheap. You do not need to wait for days before receiving your money in case of international transfer, it’s all in less than five minutes.

While using fiat currency you are charged to keep your money in the bank. With Ubricoin you keep your money on your phone no charges. Cryptocurrency is a very convenient way of keeping your many and while you at it, your coins continue gaining value. No more paying someone to keep the money that you have worked so hard for.

Why Invest in Ubricoin (The 3 Ws)

People who have been involved in crypto investments will tell you to invest in crypto that supports a project. What a better project to invest in than in a health project and not just any other health project but a project that aims to facilitate universal health and ultimately global health. Today you cannot isolate the health of a single country from the rest of the world. The world is interconnected and any effort to improve the health of a single country has a great effect on the health of the whole world. Africa has the highest burden of disease which is a great opportunity for Ubricoin to reduce this burden of disease. Ubricoin has three major opportunities in healthcare.

  1. To improve the physical and realized access to healthcare. People in the third world countries are unable to access healthcare because:
  2. they do not have enough health centers to access health (physical access)
  3. they do not have money to access even the available care which is kilometers away (realized access)

The proposed solution offered by Ubricoin

Ubricoin will support two major Ubrica projects that aim to provide access to care

  1. Sokojanja project, a peer to peer online market aimed to provide a market for local produce, products, and services. Ubricoin will be used as a means of exchange in Sokojanja.com.
  2. Ubrica Retail Clinical Center, Ubricoin will support the development of retail clinical centers that will be closer to people. People will use Ubricoin to access health services in these clinics which will also have value additional center and a retail store that will help put money into the local people’s pockets by selling what they produce.
  • Opportunity to improve the quality of health services. We lack the quality of services because of a lack of knowledge in service provision. If the education system is poor, if the health research done in the country is poor, if the education system is disconnected from the industry our health products ultimately become poor. Investing in research and education system is the key to improving the quality of health.

The proposed solution offered by Ubricoin

Ubricoin will help in implementing Science and technology parks (USTP) for connecting the research in the institution of higher learning and research institution with the industries. The USTPs will be hubs for knowledge that will be used to provide product value addition knowledge of an already existing product or production of prototypes. The USTPs will be built adjacent to each university.

  • Opportunity to reduce high-cost healthcare. The high cost of healthcare in developing countries is as a result of imported biomedical products. We import even simple things as intravenous water something that with the right infrastructure can be made within the country at a cheaper price.


The proposed solution offered by Ubricoin

Ubricoin will facilitate the development of a biomedical city (BMIC which is already master planned). The BMIC will be a center for local bio-manufacturing. From the research and prototypes in the USTPs the BMIC will be used to manufacture commercial products that will be cheaper than imported products. We have to admit that Africa with tropical forests could be very resourceful in the development of medicine. Research has been done about the different species of indigenous trees and herbs in these forests and no commercial products have been developed. There is a great opportunity for scientists and for moving the healthcare system to a different level.

A snapshot of value gained by people who invested with Ubricoin early this year

On Monday, May 8, 2020, the Ubricoin price was $0.00001124 today Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the price is $0.00014799. For a person who invested in May, let’s say 1million Ubricoin, they spent $11.24 today the same amount of UBNs is worth $147.99. For a person who invested in 10 million Ubricoins, they spent $112.4 today the 10 million Ubricoin is worth $1479.9. This is the potential of investing in Ubricoin as a commodity.

To develop the above projects, the price of Ubricoin in the market has to get to at least one dollar. All the effort of the Ubrica organization is towards taking the Ubricoin price to above one dollar. Those who invested early will gain massive profits.

By getting involved you learn for free how to invest, how cryptocurrencies work, how you can trade crypto in the market for profit, you take part in developing the health system and you get to access medical services using Ubricoin. We already have a doctor who is willing to accept Ubricoin in her clinic. This and much more. If interested contact our team at +254 713 258127 or send us an email at ourubricoin@gmail.com

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